Ghost Town

This is my attempted 24 hour comic. Special thanks to my bro Kae who wrote the story for me. How did she know I love drawing smoke clouds?! As you will soon see, it is a work resplendent with flaws. And I was perhaps over ambitious in taking on some things- ink wash, dip pens, fuckin’ scenery, a horribly sentimental theme. . .  The perspective is all kinds of funky in all kinds of places, the people inconsistent, the value work. . . iffy. Although I don’t feel anything like pride for this work, a few good things came out of it. I’ve always been kinda afraid of drawing scenery, but now that I’ve drawn it in abundance, it ain’t so scary. More than anything, I spent a lot more time drawing than I would have otherwise.

Originally I was planing to profile several “ghosts” but I gave up and only did Cecilia’s story. Had I know this in advance, I would have eliminated that other dumb narrator. Alright, I’m going to stop dwelling on everything wrong with this and go to work. Peace out, kids.

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