Vital Statistics

I started off 2013 in the best way, with a soul-searching, east-coast battering road trip. Okay, mostly parking space searching. It was wonderful and I’m missing my travel companions like an amputated limb but that’s not the important part. The important part for our purposes, dear blog reader (?), is that I daily threatened to make a scrap book. A scrap book of our receipts and tourist pamphlets and tear-stained pillowcases and other road trip refuse.

Curses come home to roost and not a week had passed when I started sneaking memorabilia into my sketchbook effectively transforming it into a scrap book. Here are some of our vital statistics, in terms of milage:


The picture is a real life photo from the road. The numbers are in some real life windows, and if you turn the page, they mean. . .


Absolutely nothing! Expect more on this theme.

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