the Corinthian

Ladies and gents, meet Neil Gaiman’s Corinthian. Ain’t he cute?


This is the culmination of my September long obsession with drawing this dude. Doodles were starting to not be enough so in the spirit of being back in art school I went illustration crazy. I started with laying a light grey wash, using Bill’s patented feed the bead technique. It turned out that this piece of illustration board was defective and the bottom came out all mottled, sabotaging my stab at a BFW (Big Flat Wash). We call this a happy accident, because that part is pavement and it needed to be textured anyways! The darks we built up with more washes, and the highlights added in with white gouache. To add more texture and to define small areas I drew over it with a pencil. Tada! For reference, I used this pic of a pal:


Don’t worry not all dreams come true.

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