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the Start of an Obsession

Remember that time I had a blog? I forgot too. Anyways, today I’m back to talk about printmaking. Last semester I took a relief printmaking class and guys I think it changed my life a little. Mostly when I think about white line vs. black line I get a little bit giddy BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT BIG NERDS DO.


This is the first print I made in this class, way back in January or something. It’s about dreaming. It’s pretty simple but it set me on the track to make more exciting things! Stay tuned.


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Potatania 2013

Well I’ve caught new years fever, and caught it bad. After slogging through a veritable mountain of indie girl new years blog posts I felt compelled to look back and set some new goals. Granted, every indie girl blog i read stars someone married and successful and they are setting goals for gross things like BABIES and BUSINESS but I am more than willing to set the bar low!

That being said, my unofficial motto is “Try harder, be better.” One of the areas that can always, ALWAYS use improvement is my art. Sketchbooks are where I do most of my work at this point in time. They are a great way to keep track of growth. I reviewed the past two years’ sketchbooks, and noticed that collages used to have quite a large presence. They slowly faded away, and damn, I kinda missed them. This week, I am going to do a collage every day and share ’em with you dolls. Starting right. Now.


Cutting windows in pages is mad fun because then you can keep the party going for four pages.


My hope is that by trying to post more work, I create more. Here’s to the future.

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Good evening. I am here to regale you with tales of a life ill lived. Also, I draw things. Some of those things will find their way here. Prepare for musings of the lowest caliber.