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Yelp’s Culture Co-Lab

Way back in March(yeah I procrastinate on updates sometimes) I had the pleasure of working with Yelp Columbus to plan an event for their elites. For those of you not familiar with Yelp, it’s a site where you can read user posted reviews of anything from restaurants to car mechanics. I’ve used it in the past for glamourous things like finding a laundromat, and it’s super helpful! So when my boss came to me and said he had a job working with Yelp, I was pumped.

Over the course of a few weeks, I worked with Yelp Columbus’s community manager to plan activities for the event, dubbed Yelp’s Culture Co-Lab, and design the creative. We wanted a few different stations, or “labs” where people could do some hands on craftin’. Besides planning, I also did the creative for the event. A poster and a tshirt, which we live silkscreened. It was a hit!



I made the poster half in real life usin’ some watercolors and half in photoshop. I’ve never tried this half digital thang before, but I really like how it came out plus I even had fun so I guess this is a good thing we got going. Using photoshop helped me keep it clean and chose more saturated colors. Watercolors turn into a mess in about three seconds plus my set is way cheap, so it’s hard to build up bright colors. Luckily photoshop has no such qualms.


For the shirt I wanted to run with the same theme (culture+lab=flowers in science things?!) and keep it simple so it could be silkscreened. I’m really happy with how both of these came out, probably the first cute things I’ve drawn in 2014. Or maybe even 2013?! Who knows!


Meet the silkscreen process! You paint the screen with photo emulsion, print the design on transparency, and expose that sucker. Then you put ya t shirt under the sceen, slop on a big blob of ink and squeegee it smooth. Dry in ten minutes badabing badaboom.


Bonus photo: Guests got to chuck darts at this paint balloon mural, Princess Diaries style. Working this event was such a fun time!


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