Peter Lorre


I come to the stage with a tale of woe– of suffering, faith, and indolent pride.

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M. Stew


Martha’s a modern day hero.

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So Long to the Second Floor

Yesterday I drew something. It was sloppy and ill planned, and full disclosure– mostly copied from a Channel add that stares at me from above my desk. But please touch it with your eyes anyway.


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Naked Thursday

On Thursdays, I do some figure drawing. Today was ink day in my life. I love ink, but is unforgiving. This dude’s head and feet are too small, but ain’t no eraser gonna fix that.

This one came out better. This model was super fun to draw, mostly his face. Look at it! Anyways, after everyone had finished drawing, people were walkin’ around seein’ how all the other drawings came out, and the bro who is easily the best figure artist took a step back, and nodded approvingly at this drawing. And man, I felt like I could fly.

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